Working as a Board Member, the business division of the eGigStores will be headed by Oscar Bjers

Oscar’s task is to find products and services that enhances the experience for our Customers when buying products and services. Oscar has worked his whole life changing the way people work and live with the offerings he and his teams has developed.

Oscar worked as the Sweden CEO for Apple for 20 years. He and his team achieved #1 marketshare position for Apple in a country on iPhone in 2020 with 47% Marketshare and iPad #2 with 55% market share.

Oscar always focused at the opportunities in expanding the experience when changing the ways we work and live in the consumer, enterprise and education segments.

As VP Sales for Icon Medialab Globally, he developed 20+ countries and became the most international company in its field. This was made by focusing at enhancing the experience in how people communicate, going from Paper to Online.

Ending up as VP Sales for FujitsuSiemens (former Nokia in Sweden), Oscar was a pioneer in the shift from Terminals to PC Networks for eight years in Sweden, Scandinavia and Spain.