What is eGigcoin?

What is eGigcoin?

What is eGigcoin?


The eGigcoin – the first ever cryptocurrency with a real evaluation prior to being traded.

CFORTH’s cryptocurrency, the eGigcoin, will not be tradable until December 2nd 2022. Until that date, CFORTH’s customers will be able to earn and save the eGigcoin as part of the company’s commission program, the eGig Pay System.

Until December 2nd 2022, the eGigcoin:

• Cannot be purchased or sold.
• Can only be earned by participation in CFORTH’s eGig Pay System.
• Can only be used as currency in CFORTH’s eGig Stores.
• Is financially backed at the rate of $1.00 per 1 eGigcoin*.

80 / 20

80% of commissions earned in the eGig Pay System will be paid in normal currency and 20% will be paid in eGigcoin.

*Until the eGigcoin publicly trades, CFORTH guarantees that the company’s customers can claim the eGigcoin in cash at the rate of $1 USD for 1 eGigcoin. This means that customers that do not want to keep their eGigcoins will be able to exchange them for USD currency.

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