Learn about eGig Pay

Learn about eGig Pay

Learn about eGig Pay


eGig Pay is CFORTH’s revolutionary commission system.

Any person, 18 year and older, can become a customer free-of-charge and access the CFORTH Marketplace with products at discounted prices. The customer can also decide to share these products/services with others and earn a part time income.

Non-paying customers earn commission

Non-paying customers are called VIP Customers. They can join CFORTH free-of-charge and access the company’s services and products through the Marketplace. VIPs can also earn commissions in up to three tiers in 10 Tier Pay.

Possibility to earn higher commissions

Should customers wish to receive deeper discounts, and be eligible for higher commissions, CFORTH will offer monthly paid subscriptions: Digital Business Owner (DBO), or DBO Pro.

The eGig Pay System is a unique and simple way of earning money

eGig Pay is an easy to understand and transparent commission system. It is made up of: Linear Pay, Global Share Pay and 10 Tier Pay. The 3 systems are explained in detail in the PDF forms that can be found under the CFORTH Factor menu.

The concept around eGig Pay is based on simplicity

eGig Pay has been adapted to the 21st century via the power of the internet and is easy to grasp using graphics and tutorials.

eGig Pay explained in the back office

From an account perspective, CFORTH’s customers will have access to see their own section in the back office, where they manage their referrals and commissions.

This is how commissions are split within eGig Pay:

eGig Pay Percentages
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