Oscar Bjers has joined CFORTH

Oscar Bjers has joined CFORTH

Oscar Bjers has joined CFORTH


Oscar Bjers joins CFORTH’s Board of Directors in-charge of the eGig Stores.

As the CEO of Apple in Sweden during the past 20 years (2001-2021) and under Oscar’s leadership, Apple Sweden grew to have a vertical market share (iMac; iPad; iPhone and the iWatch) which was unrivaled compared to any other country world-wide.

Outstanding achievements at Apple

In 2020, under Oscar’s leadership, Apple Sweden achieved the #1 marketshare position for the iPhone with a 47% Marketshare, while the iPad (in Sweden) came in second world-wide with a 55% marketshare.

Expanding the product experience

Oscar has worked his whole life changing the way people work and live with the offerings he and his teams have developed. He has always focused on the opportunities in expanding the product experience and the way in which these products interact with people, especially in the enterprise, and education segments.

Vice President of Sales at Fujitsu Siemens (Nokia) Sweden

Between 1988-96 Oscar worked at Fujitsu Siemens (Nokia), in Sweden, Scandinavia and Spain. He eventually became the Vice President of Sales in Sweden where he played a key role in the shift from Computer Terminals to PC Networks.

Vice President of Icon Medialab

During 1996-2001, Oscar was the Managing Director of Icon Medialab in Sweden and afterwards the Global Vice President of Icon Medialab. Icon Medialab was a Swedish internet consulting start-up that reached 3500 consultants across the globe with a turnover of $300M. At that time, it was the Internet consulting company with the broadest international sales and operations of all startup Internet Consulting companies in the world.

The eGig Stores

Oscar will be joining CFORTH as a Partner and Board Member. He will also have the responsibility for all of CFORTH’s eGig Stores.

Part of Oscar’s responsibility includes finding the right products and services that enhance the product/service experience for CFORTH’s customers.

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