“Always being at the forefront of technology and innovation, following a business culture which is based on Transparency, Security and Value, creating opportunities for millions of people looking for a secondary income”


“To create a global network of people unified by a common cause of benefitting all that we touch, providing tremendous value and enjoyment coupled with a compensation plan that will change life for the better”

CFORTH™ is created to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, filling the increasing need that consumers have to make an extra income by working from home. CFORTH™ will provide digital online products/services that can be accessed through the internet by the public at great prices. Our concept is not to provide retail products/services at retail value (i.e.: Amazon), but products that are already heavily discounted.

Customers can join CFORTH™ for free and they are able to access all products /services at great value (either at heavy discounts or products that are unique).

However, should the customers wish to receive higher valued discounts with our travel and subscription services, and also be eligible for higher commissions, they have the opportunity to upgrade the membership to Digital Business Owner (DBO), or to DBO Pro.

Our Founding Principles


Transparency implies a commitment to quality, accountability, effectiveness and a win-win situation with customers and business partners.

Further, the commission structure as well as commissions that are due to CFORTH’s customers will be displayed in the most transparent and easy to understand fashion as possible.


CFORTH™ has taken the best from the Affiliation as well as the Network Marketing industry and created a commission system which is simple, easy to understand – but also unique: eGig Pay.

As money is earned, commissions will be held by a renowned, international & Certified Law Firm. Hence, customer commissions will be held and paid in a secure fashion.


The services and products at CFORTH™ will stand for quality and value. Anyone, regardless of customer position within the commission structure, can earn serious money on product sales.

Value also considers that a CFORTH™ customer can make good money by working with the company as a Customer, Digital Business Owner (DBO), or a DBO Pro.