All you need to know about the eGig Stores.

All you need to know about the eGig Stores.

All you need to know about the eGig Stores.


CFORTH will base the company’s products and product strategies around the eGig Stores.

The eGig Stores will be managed by Oscar Bjers, the former CEO of Apple in Sweden (2001-2021).

Product Line – Product/Service Strategy

The eGig Stores will offer an ever-expanding, wide range of services and products from various industries, both physical and digital.

Travel services will include a full-service private travel and booking engine offering deep discounts compared to public offerings such as Expedia, Priceline and others.

CFORTH will also offer products that are environmentally friendly, as well as a complete line of Health and Wellness products. Moreover, CFORTH is currently in negotiations to bring online shopping to a whole new level with an established supplier that will provide over 30,000 products.

In 2022, the company will also offer a brand-new entertainment streaming service.

CFORTH’s eGigStores – our mission

“Our mission is to offer you extended experiences, finding great deals on great products and services from around the world that will give you that extra experience – in one place for you – in our exclusive CFORTH community.

“It starts with a great deal when you buy a product or service for yourself and it continues with the opportunity to earn a comission when the ones that you have recommeded have purchased a product or service from CFORTH.”

– Oscar Bjers, Partner and Board Member

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